A boy’s wish fulfilled as 9-yr-old Jeremiah Arthur walks again

A boy’s wish fulfilled as 9-yr-old Jeremiah Arthur walks again

The nine-year-old boy whose accident in a vehicle knockdown inspired the Joy News documentary, A Boy’s Wish has had his wish come true, three years after the tragedy.

When Jeremiah Arthur was knocked down by a car in 2016, his left leg was chopped off at the scene while the other leg was fractured, rendering him unable to walk.


But after his story was featured on a Joy News documentary recently, Jerry's long hours of sitting idle, unable to play with his friends has come to an end.


Photo: Jerry’s entire left leg was lost in the fatal accident.

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Thanks to a number of interventions which have come his way, including the offer by the Orthopaedic Training Centre at Nsawam to give him a prosthetic leg, Jerry is back on his feet.

Jerry walks


With his prosthetic leg, Jerry can now move on his own without a wheelchair or clutches. 

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Since a car veered off the road and knocked him in his school in June 2016, he had always relied on his wheelchair or others to move from one point to another.


Jerry walks

After nearly two months at Nsawam, however, he is going back to Takoradi in a condition that brings a lot of relief to his mother.

Jerry’s mother, Betty Mensan, told Joy News the prosthetic legs will enable the boy to bring an end to the long and painful hours he sits while his friends play.